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Achieving Life Scout Status with the Boy Scouts of America

by Rob Stahura

Rob Stahura, a successful telemarketer and business consultant, spent two decades as a member of the Boys Scouts of America. Rob Stahura achieved the rank of Life Scout by the age of 18 and went on to serve as a Scout Master with his local troop.
The Life Scout designation is one of the highest ranks a troop member can achieve with the Boy Scouts of America. The requirements are challenging and all-encompassing in nature. As a Star Scout, the stage prior to Life Scout, individuals must spend at least six months engaging in unit activities in a position of troop responsibility and, if applicable, attending to their patrol duties. While living in accordance with the Scout Oath and all points of Scout Law, a scout must acquire five new merit badges for a total of 11 badges. Three of these badges must come from the required badges list for Eagle Scouts.
Star Scouts must also complete an approved service project at least six hours in length. Before taking part in a Scout Conference and passing the board of review exam, Star Scouts are tasked with tutoring a younger scout as they prepare for a merit badge in first aid, outdoor skills, cooking and camping, or one of the other four approved areas. Only after all of these requirements have been met can a Star Scout elevate to the position of Life Scout.                            
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