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Drunk Driving Statistics Provided by MADD

by Rob Stahura

An accomplished telemarketer and business consultant, Rob Stahura spends his time away from work supporting a variety of charitable organizations. Rob Stahura is especially proud of his contributions to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
For more than 35 years, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has worked toward eliminating drunk driving in the United States. Education is one of the organization’s most valuable tools in raising awareness about the dangers and harsh truths of drunk driving. For example, MADD cites a 2013 report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that estimates nearly 300,000 individuals drive drunk in the United States every day, though fewer than 1.5 percent of these drivers are placed under arrest. Of those that are arrested, about one-third are repeat offenders. Meanwhile, in 2012, about 10.3 million Americans admitted to driving under the influence of a substance or drug other than alcohol.
A significant portion of MADD’s activities are directed at younger drivers. Studies show that almost 50 percent of 10th grade students in America consume alcohol. Appreciating this reality is critical to parents who want to protect their children from an alcohol-related car accident, as odds indicate a high school student will at some point be faced with either entering a car with an intoxicated driver, or driving drunk themselves. Drunk driving activities peak between the ages of 21 and 25, further emphasizing a parent’s role in educating their children on safe driving practices prior to the start of college and their adult lives.
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